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Integrating holistic methods of healing into our modern lives

It takes all parts of us into consideration: the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, and the energetic, in addition to the physical.Many of the holistic approaches are not new, but new to those of us living in this time-frame and country.

Acupressure massage

Acupressure is applying different types of pressure on certain energy points to balance, unblock, and direct the energy force in the meridians. “Meridians” are the channels running through your body that carry the energy, much like veins and arteries carry blood. When they become unbalanced or blocked illnesses, both physical and mental, are more likely to occur. Whether you are experiencing a chronic illness, pain, allergies, depression or simply going through a hard time, balancing your meridians can help. (Service provided by Jean Bennett, LMT

*(45 minute sessions are only available after a treatment plan is determined that permits shorter sessions)

*45 Minute Acupressure $65.00
60 Minute Acupressure/Massage $85.00
75 Minute Acupressure/Massage $100.00

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Body Signs Check

Our bodies are constantly giving us feedback about our health, long before we manifest an illness. Jean recommends you add the body sign checkup to your annual physical to make sure you know what your body is telling you, because the best cure for any problem is prevention. It will include an analysis of the physical signs (skin, hair, nails, etc) and an analysis of the energetic signs (TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Includes 2 appointments

Fee $270.00

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Reiki Treatment

*Service provided by Jean Bennett, LMT & Lisa Dye, LMT

60 minute session

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Getting Perspective on Holistic Health Care

If you are saying any of the following about complimentary health care…

  • “It’s just a bunch of voodoo.” “They’d laugh me out of the state if I did that.”
  • “If it works then why isn’t it recommended by my doctor?”
  • “I know people who say it works, but it won’t work for me.”
  • “It’s beyond me.”

…then we invite you to explore the many aspects of holistic health. Our intent is to The intent is simply to pass on information that is not readily available in the mainstream of knowledge. We can discuss: Why don’t we know more about holistic health care? The history that influenced how we think today. The history of energy work and the proven science behind it. What are today’s holistic care practices? Is it for you, and what should you look for?

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Learn more about other services provided by Jean Bennett, LMT. Just follow these links to the Health Reins site for more info.

Getting There!

Getting There was created to help you navigate the holistic care arena, which is often difficult without the wisdom of an experienced guide. This book serves as an immediate problem solver, a reference guide, and a workbook for personal use for many years to come. Over the past 17 years, Jean Bennett has mastered the information found in Getting There and knows through experience with her clients that it can be used, not only for getting well but for becoming as great as you want to be.

Do you have a physical or emotional issue that just won’t go away? This is your path to a solution. (Ordering information)

Getting There book by Jean Bennett

What others are saying about Getting There:

“I know the methods Jean speaks of work, because they worked for me when the doctors could find nothing to help. Relief at last!” P.P. (North Carolina).

“This is the book I’ve been waiting for — it’s given me so much hope!” D.R. (Rochester, NY)

“For years I held gut wrenching pain and sadness that I had extensively worked on, but it still lingered. With Jean’s combinations of methods in Getting There, I was able to feel, for the first time, complete resolution. The pain is gone and in its place, peace.” J.R. (Buffalo, NY)

“I was very pleased to read Getting There, because as individuals we are often separated and discussions about improving our health are rare. This book reconnects us and starts the discussions toward our wellbeing.” L.B. (Montreal, Canada)

Getting There is great on all levels — content, style, easy to read, and loads of information.” B.M. (Rochester, NY)”

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